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Being an Apprentice Will Help Your Career

Photo of student working in a classroom

An apprenticeship is a program that combines on-the-job and classroom training. When you've finished your apprenticeship, you'll be what's called a "journeyworker." Journeyworkers are skilled, certified workers in their field (such as carpenters and plumbers).

You Might Like It If. . .

  • You like working with your hands
  • You want to be an expert at a trade
  • You don't mind studying to become an expert

How Does it Work?

  • You work directly with a journeyworker to learn the hands-on skills you need.
  • You take classes to learn the technical skills that you need
  • While you're working as an apprentice, you'll earn a percentage of the pay that journeyworkers get
  • When you graduate from the program, you'll be able to work as a qualified journeyworker anywhere in the country

Why Do It?

  • After you finish, you can find a job anywhere
  • You might be able to get college credit
  • You can make more money as an "expert"

Finding a Program

Visit the Career One Stop page for more information on apprenticeship program locations in your area. 

Paying for It

  • Loans and grants: Some programs offer student loans or grants to help you pay the tuition. Ask the schools about financial aid programs


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